Annual Report and Accounts 2016-17

Residential Ofsted Report

College Monitoring Visit & Full Inspection Ofsted Report

QAA Higher Education Review of North Shropshire College

Position Statement: February 2017

Since the QAA review visit in November 2015 the college has undergone a Senior Leadership Team restructure with four directors being replaced by two Assistant Principals. In addition we have a new interim Principal Peter McCann who has been brought in to prepare the college for merger. The new structure eliminates duplication and increases clarity, consistency and accountability. The external appointment Karen Roberts AP Curriculum comes with a significant amount of experience of curriculum management at a senior level who and has responsibility to lead and develop Higher Education provision. The internal promotion Sara Shelston AP Quality has released internal talent and motivated staff to aspire to management. The appointment of a HE Quality Manager adds to the increased robustness of the management and monitoring of HE provision.

Policies and procedures for the provision of HE in the college have been revised to model best practice from Staffordshire University rolled out for the Pearson provision.

There has been substantial training for HE staff and investment in election, training and participation of Student Representatives ensuring greater input into the Course Committee Review and Higher Education Quality Group (HEQG) meeting processes.

The regular Course Committee Review meetings and the HEQG meetings engage HE staff and Learner Course representatives fully.
The HEQG with a revised remit is now central to the monitoring and review of HE provision to ensure consistency across the college.

The appointment of a HE Quality Manager Phil Ridley has facilitated the implantation of HE systems and quality improvements within the College. The post is only part time, but the manager is supported in delivering improvements by a strong team consisting of Sara Shelston AP Quality and Vicky Brayne Quality Officer.

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