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Please complete the following questions as fully as possible.

If you have a disability or learning difficulty, the College wants to give you the opportunity to discuss your needs, in confidence if you wish, to help you get the best from your course.

Any disclosure of disability will be used only to help us to ensure that we make any responsible adaptions that would support you in your course.



We ask applicants for student places for the above information so that we can process everyone’s applications for courses. We use the information to ensure that:

  • You are put on the right course, e.g. that the course is at the right level and that you have the necessary entry qualifications to enable you to complete the course successfully
  • The College can ascertain what level of funding might be available for you on your course so that we can discuss this with you

What happens to my information if I do not become a student at the College?

  • Should you not progress to become a student at NSC, this data will be destroyed confidentially within a reasonable period of time. This is usually by the end of October following the start of the academic year for which you were applying.
  • We will not share your data with any third parties.

What happens to my information if I do become a student of the College?

If you become a student of the College we will need to retain and process your information for the duration of your time as an enrolled student, and beyond, in line with our legal duties. We will also need to share it with certain third parties. This enables us to:

  • Meet the requirements of funding agencies and other government and local government departments to ensure that we are meeting our duties
  • Enrol you with one or more awarding bodies so that you can pursue your course(s) under their syllabus and exam requirements
  • Ensure that we meet our statutory duties, e.g. keeping you and all our students, staff and visitors safe; ensuring we treat everyone equally and fairly

We retain student information in line with the legal duties we have, and also to enable us to provide references for students after they have left.

I agree to the College processing personal data contained in this form, or other data which the College may obtain from me or other people, whilst I am a student. I agree to the processing of such data for the reasons above or for any other legitimate reason.


If you require any further information about Data Protection, please contact Bev Jackson on 01691 688 000.