A Level Environmental Science


Environmental Science is the scientific study of how humans are interacting with our planet, examining impacts on the biological, physical and chemical cycles of Earth. It covers a broad scope of topics, all extremely relevant to anyone living on our planet and wishing to keep it habitable for the future.

What is the structure of the course?

You will study wildlife conservation and ecology, examining the need for, and methods of, protecting natural habitats. The atmosphere, hydrosphere
and lithosphere are studied in terms of harmful human influences to vital Earth processes; possible solutions and their efficacy are investigated. For practical investigations we take local trips to carry
out ecological fieldwork such as the Elan Valley, Centre for Alternative Technology and many more destinations. As the course continues we delve further into current important issues such as pollution and energy use in a global context,
food production, fishing, forestry and sustainability.

Subject Combinations
Environmental Science is a highly regarded A Level which counts as a science when applying for universities; it combines well with most other subjects. It would particularly suit students studying Applied Science, Animal Management, Land and Wildlife Management, Agriculture or Biology A Level. It is also ideal for those wanting to study science, but not specialise in just one.

Where will my course lead?
Environmental Studies provides an ideal base for degrees such as Forestry, Countryside Management, Geography, Geology, other sciences, and teaching.
Students may also progress directly into employment or vocational courses; ever evolving legislation and deepening concerns about environmental change mean that there are more careers in environmental management and research.
Look at www.environmentaljobs.co.uk for ideas.

What are the entry requirements?

A minimum of 5 GCSEs at grade 4 (grade C) or above including preferably a grade 5 (grade B) in Maths and in Science.

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