A Level Psychology


Psychology is the science of the mind. It looks at how individuals think, what they do and the way they are affected by their biological make-up and the wider social
group. It requires a broad range of skills including good written communication skills, a retentive memory and analysis of research methods, studies and theories.

What is the structure of the course?

You will study how people interact, change and develop, how we think, how the nervous system works, how we differ from animals and how we decide what is normal. You will gain an insight into the workings of the human brain and explore
a range of psychological explanations of

Key topics include: Cognitive Psychology (memory), Developmental Psychology (attachment), Research Methods, Biological Psychology (stress), Social Psychology (how we are influenced by others) and Individual Differences (mental health). As you discover how others think, you’ll also be gaining an insight into your own psyche and behavioural traits,
which is a valuable asset in both your personal and working life. Voluntary work is recommended if you wish to pursue psychology as a degree and/or career.

Subject Combinations
Psychology works well with any of the Sciences, Social Sciences or the Arts, such as Media, Art and Design, Health and Social Care, Childcare, Sport, Applied Science or A Level Biology. If you are thinking about becoming a psychologist you may consider doing some relevant volunteer work alongside your academic studies; this will enhance both university
and job applications.

Where will my course lead?
A Level Psychology will open the door for further study at degree level where you can gain access to courses such as Social Science, Criminology, Health
Studies, Neuroscience or further study in Psychology.
The opportunities in the job market are wide ranging. Graduates in Psychology are able to take further training and pursue careers in:
• Clinical Psychology
• Counselling Psychology
• Educational Psychology
• Forensic Psychology
• Health Psychology
• Occupational Psychology
• Sport Psychology
• Teaching and Research
The course is of value for anyone considering a career involving people.

What are the entry requirements?

A minimum of 5 GCSEs at grade 4 (grade C) with a preferred grade 5 (grade B) in English, Mathematics and Science.

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