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LIC Monitor Farm Open Day

When it is such a wet day it is difficult to remember the sunshine we had at our Monitor Farm Open day with Livestock Improvement Corporation (LIC) International. 

21st July was a successful day for our Walford campus! We had 27 farmers and staff on site for the LIC Monitor farm day who spent several hours out in the field with the cows and some cool refreshments at lunch time. It was a great day with lively discussions and a real opportunity to reflect on the year with other farmers - we received great feedback from some well established farmers from around the region and just over the border. 

Very positive feedback and everyone seemed to come back with something useful as some farms were transitioning and looking to follow the same route we have just taken. 

What is LIC?

Livestock Improvement Corporation (LIC) International is a New Zealand farmer-owned cooperative that has been delivering the very best of LIC’s leading-edge genetics and solutions to the UK since the 1990's. Their work helps British farmers to become more prosperous, productive and to secure their future. 

Today, LIC’s products and services include: dairy genetics, herd recording software, herd testing, DNA parentage verification, farm advisory services, integrated  parlour automation systems and milk testing sensors.

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Date: 14/09/2021