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Open Events are held throughout the year at both the Oswestry and Walford campuses. They are a great opportunity for prospective students and parents to come along to the College and see for themselves the fantastic facilities and learning resources on offer. Tutors and course leaders are available to discuss course options and to give course advice and information.


Due to the ongoing pandemic and lockdown restrictions, we have made the difficult decision to hold our February Open Events virtually. All of our tutors will still be on hand for you to talk to, via online meetings facilitated through Microsoft Teams. These can be accessed via a web browser on any laptop or desktop computer, or by downloading the free Microsoft Teams App on an iOS or Android Smartphone or Tablet device. 

During the Open Event, you can click on the relevant subject(s) you wish to speak to tutors about, and you'll join the lobby for that session. As soon as the tutor is finished talking to their previous visitor, they will then let you into the session. During busy periods, tutors may need to talk to several visitors at once to give an overview of the course. Please be patient with us as there may be a delay between you joining the lobby, and being added into a meeting if the tutor is already talking to someone.

We will also have a virtual tour of the teaching facilities to view as well.

Below is an introduction to the College, and further down the page is information on joining tutor sessions for more information;

VIRTUAL OPEN EVENT - Oswestry Campus - Wednesday 10th February 2021, 5.00pm - 7.00pm

Below is a virtual tour of the Oswestry Campus:

Click the subject links to join the lobby of the subject you wish to find out more information about, please be patient with us as it may be a couple of minutes wait during busy times.

Open Events at the Oswestry Campus

  • Information Event, Wednesday 10th February 2021, 5.00pm - 7.00pm
  • Information Event, Wednesday 16th June 2021, 5.00pm - 7.00pm

Open Events at the Walford Campus (Land-based)

  • Information Event, Saturday 19th June 2021, 10.00am - 12.00 noon

Virtual Open Events

The College held a Virtual Open Event in June, you can catch up on the recordings of those sessions here.