Living in a Silent World – Deaf Awareness

Location/Venue Oswestry Campus
Dates & Times: 25th Apr 2018 (10:00am to 1:00pm)
Course Code: POS0CED421
Duration 6 Weeks
Fee: £90.00

Living in a silent world:

This taster course is designed to teach you how to communicate with Deaf people in British Sign Language. It will cover a range of topics that involve simple, everyday language use.

 Two handed finger spelling alphabet. {Finger spelling}

 Causes of Deafness.

 Deaf Culture and the Deaf community.

 Introductions of each other. {Greetings}

 Weather signs.

 Colours.

 Questions signs.

 Open or closed questions.

 Gesture signs.

 Visual sounds

 Using numbers.

 Place names &countries.

 Food &Drink.

 Family.

 Directions and getting around/transport and travel.

 Requesting clarification.

 Understand that British Sign Language is a visual language {BSL}

 Different ways of communication while talking to Deaf people.

By the end of this course you will be able to hold a two way conversation with your tutor and other peer members of our group.


Many people and agencies make a false assumption about the ability of a Deaf person to access English via the written word. Blind people can hear English with all its nuances, and can therefore achieve fluency in English via auditory inputs.

There is a tendency to assume that all Deaf people have full fluency with the language because they can see it written down. This is not the case. Often English is second language to Deaf people and British Sign Language being their first. This course will be running for 15 weeks on a weekly basis. Then you will have an opportunity to develop your new skills, and to study for a level one certificate in British Sign Language.