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College Clothing

Students can order the required clothing during their enrolment period.  Due to the current circumstance (COVID19) you will be asked to order your required clothing needed for your course online – details tbc.  The majority of courses include an “Additional Course Cost” which covers essential trips and clothing required for the course.  However, there are various bursaries available to support eligible students with course related costs (including clothing).  For example,  If you are completing the Childcare course at Oswestry Campus , you will be expected to purchase a polo-shirt.  If you are completing a Land-based/Animal Care/Management course at Walford Campus you will be expected to purchased PPE together with polo shirt, rain jacket, trousers and classic zip next sweatshirt.  30% discount will apply to “Additional Course Costs” for returning learners if you have already purchased clothing in your previous year of study.  If you have concerns regarding “Additional Course Costs” please contact the college who will be able to help you.   

*Note.  Many courses require PPE and it must be worn in order for you to participate in any practical work.  In addition to this, PPE will protect you from health & safety risks in the college environment.  Therefore, it is a mandatory requirement and is not optional.